Indie TTRPG Designer & Content Creator

Creators of the Wandering’s Call modern dark-fantasy TTRPG and makers of D&D 5e compatible and playable content.

What we do

We make fun, and we do it without the need to pay corporate shareholders.
Table-top roleplay games and content made with love and years of passion for playing.

DnD 5e Content

Unofficial campaign settings, classes and other content, adventures, items, spells and more, including our own campaign setting, Erd'àna.

Wandering's Call

Our flagship TTRPG. Use the power of your soul to survive and explore. Release spirits, flee from danger & do as the Wandering demands.

Streaming & Videos

Streaming our games and other TTRPG, along with discussion and looks behind the scenes. Hang out, chat and have a creative fun time.

About Us & Our Values

Making games is our passion and our love – but so is doing the right thing. Here are our 6 main values that we embody when creating our products and content. We are a small team based in the Lake District in the north of England, and together we have decades of experience playing and running TTRPG games.

Be inclusive and kind to all.

Creativity, quality and honesty above all else.

A book worth writing is worth writing well.

Tackle any difficult themes with understanding, sympathy and knowledge.

Always be prepared for dialogue to improve ourselves and our products.

Promote fair pricing while not underselling ourselves or others.

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