Wandering's Call

Use the power of your soul to change you and the world around you in this brand-new, easy to pick up, dark modern fantasy table-top roleplay game.

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Game Overview

Hybrid D6 Dice Pool System

Uses standard six-sided dice for ease of playing and to streamline play. Dice rolls combine with auto-successes from skills taken.

Flexible Magic System

Providing you have enough Soul Power, you can create virtually any effect you can think of.

Supernatural Investigators

Themed heavily around the soul, spirits, the paranormal, supernatural

Unforgiving System

It's not quite there's-no-hope...but you have to use your wits and your valuable Soul to make sure you survive what the Wandering has in store for your characters...

Horror and Suspense

The main theme is one of suspense and thrill. Solutions to problems will not be easy to find and the fun in the game is being able to resolve a scene in a dramatic and narrative-led way.

Flexible Ruleset

Any of the previous points not suit? Wandering's Call is super-flexible and can be very easily tweaked to any theme, power level or setting you wish