Look down now on Erd’àna – a bright blue emerald floating through the endless cosmos….

Erd’àna™ is the world created by Shaun M Vale, the founder of Turtle Table Games. Currently, one continent is fully fleshed out, with three more well under way to being complete too! 

Erd’àna has a full creation story, as well as a list of meddling gods and their tenets, along with a unique planar set-up and ancient beings that still roam the world. 

The Eastmere Lands

The Eastmere Lands form the eastern part of the main landmass on Erd’àna. There are no countries to speak of – just fractured groups of towns and cities. The major cities of the land control several miles around them and tax and protect numerous satellite towns and villages.

The Eastmere Lands have arguably suffered the most since the Time of Breaking. Most of the Titan Cataclysm occurred on this side of the Shieldstone Mountains, and large parts were devastated by the Second Breaking when fire spewed forth from the ground. This has meant that recovery times have been far slower than on Dethoranar, to the west of the Mountains. However, the larger cities are expanding their reach further and further from the walls, and the fragmented villages and pseudo kingdoms are once more, at last, being brought together.

Our Erd'àna™ Products

Erd’àna™ - The Eastmere Lands

Details on locations, factions, history, pantheon, legends and more to take the world building stress out of running your own games.

Lots of options for races, classes, backgrounds, feats, spells, weapons & items, potions and extra rules to add yet more variety and interest to your D&D and other TTRPG games.