Eastmere Lands Campaign Setting (PDF)


Welcome to Erd’àna, a beautiful, blue marble drifting through the endless cosmos – crossroads of the planes, broken and reborn…

5e Compatible.

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In this book you’ll find all manner of inspiration for running your own campaigns. Go on adventures in the ancient and mysterious Emerald Vale forest, or look for long-lost ruins on the Golden Plains. Within these pages lies lore, history, NPC ideas, geography, city descriptions and so much more.

There are details on factions you can meet, join or oppose, as well as bits of unfinished lore to leave you to weave in your own tales. Will you ally with the Aegis assassins to take down a lord that has overstepped his power? Did your character grow up on the streets of Tor Imbari as a member of the Hands, a group of pickpockets, spies and muscle? Your past, and fate, is in your hands.

Also in this book

  • Two new classes.
  • Five new sub-classes.
  • Four new monsters.
  • Loads of magic items.
  • Two new backgrounds.
  • Five new sub-races.
  • Expanded crafting and expertise rules.
  • Potion & poison recipes.
  • Alternative NPC guard stat blocks.
  • And so much more!


  • 148 Pages
  • PDF

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